Design Studio Newline Engineering

We develop technical solutions for the construction of architectural envelopes.

Our aim is to work in contact with architects and with curtain wall suppliers in order to transform the base components (aluminum, steel, glass) into very complicated and sophisticated geometrical shapes of high quality and performance. The studio uses the most modern software programs (2 and 3 Dimensional design programs and others...) and is able to reproduce in drawings the most complicated geometrical shapes of the buildingsto fulfil the need for modernity of the most important cities of the world.

Recent projects

425 Park Avenue - New York

425 Park Avenue

425 Park Avenue è un edificio commerciale situato a New York.

311 S. Broad Street - Philadelphia

311 S. Broad Street

311 Street is a residential building situated in Philadelphia.

Beekman Street Park Row - New York

Beekman Street Park Row

Beekman Street Park Row è un edificio residenziale situato a New York.

180 Broome Street - New York

180 Broome Street

180 Broome Street è un edificio ad uso misto situato a New York.

441 9th Avenue - New York

441 9th Avenue

441 9th Avenue è un edificio ad uso sia commerciale che residenziale situato a New York.

Culture Shed - New York

Culture Shed

Culture Shed è un centro culturale situato a New York, nella parte ovest di Mahnattan.